Debi Makhsoopuri is a well known Punjabi Singer, poet and lyricist. Debi was born in a small village Makhsoopur in Hoshiarpur Distrct of Punjab, India on Jume 10, 1966.

Debi started his career at the young age of 20 when he wrote song lyrics for the famous Punjabi Singer Kuldeep Manak. He later penned down many popular songs for Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer.

Debi turned into a singer with the album Jag Maa Nayi Rehndi in 1994. Debi lives in Canada with his wife and 3 daughters. He performs in live shows under the name “Debi Live” all across the world.

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    Popular/Live Albums

    Jad Maa Nahin Rehandi
    Sadi Gali Langhde Raho
    Lare Tere Nahin Mukkne
    Mittran Kol
    Balle Ni Balle
    Mukkhre Da Lishkara
    Sone Da Taveet
    Tere Naal Pyar
    Sikhi Naal Ishq
    Ishq Di Mehendi
    Singh Vaaleh Gobind
    Debi Live
    Debi Live 2
    Debi Live 3
    Debi Live 4
    Debi Live 5

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