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    Craft unique experiences using our simple and powerful event platform. Create, ticket and host both on-ground and digital events on a platform used by millions of live event loving fans.

    What are the services we Offer?

    After successful collaborations with the best event organisers over the past decade and a half, we’re well equipped to bring your vision to life.

    Easy Event Setup

    List your event in under five minutes. Our all-in-one platform lets you set up, sell event tickets, host them, generate reports and collect payments

    Smart Ticketing

    Integrated attendee management and guest list management. An event ticketing system with automated reminders to ticket buyers.

    Track Analytics

    Real-time tracking for your event’s sales, daily ticketing trends, traffic attribution and more.


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    Artist Host

    What can you host?

    As the purveyor of entertainment, premiertickets enables your event with end to end solutions from the time you register to the completion of the event. Let’s look at what you can host.


    Theatre & Art




    Meet & Greet

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    Suitable For Everyone

    premiertickets supports a wide range of event listings; from independent artists who want to monetise their content to corporates looking for a hassle-free solution for company events, we have something for everyone.


    Talk to your ticket buyers, send them instructions or collect feedback, via WhatsApp/Email.

    Automated payouts

    Onboard your brand and collect payouts within 7 days after an event.

    Customer data

    Take an export with all attendee data. Collect additional details using customizable forms.

    Safety measures

    Specify safety measures you will have at your event keeping your customer at ease.

    Sit back and watch your event come to life

    Events maybe all fun and games, but we take it seriously. We ensure our customer’s security so that you don’t have to. Ability to issue tickets in cash to the customers. Exclusive dashboard designed for the ease of the organisers that will help you know in an instance total revenue

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    Key Advantages

    Organisers prefer our event ticketing platform for its easy ticket creation powerful promotion tools, and complete event management features. Customizable options and a user-friendly interface simplify ticketing, enabling organisers to boost sales and effortlessly craft memorable events.

    Sell Tickets Online

    Premier Tickets makes event ticketing for your next event easy and affordable.

    Registration Software

    Premier Tickets’ user-friendly system offers customizable forms, ideal for gathering
    specific details like dietary preferences.

    Accept Online Donations

    Create one or multiple fundraising pages and you’ll be collecting donations in a matter of minutes.

    Sell Tickets In Person

    Box Office enables on-site ticket sales in addition to online purchases.

    As the event organizer, you’re in control

    The text embodies a commanding presence, illustrating the event organizer’s authoritative control over every aspect, meticulously steering towards flawless execution.

    Create Promotional Codes

    Exclusive discounts and promo codes catered to VIPs or specific groups. Drive early event bookings with discounted rates and introduce late fees,
    promoting the event in phased stages for wider

    Direct Customer Communication

    Distribute tailored emails and invitations to your customers, including links to your event pages.

    Session Time Management Freedom

    Efficiently manage programs using various timeframes and slots. Instantly set appointments, tickets, auditions, and interviews, saving time with one-click session additions for rapid event setup.

    Data analysis And Reporting

    Data analysis and reporting involve examining raw data to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. Through various methods such as
    statistical analysis, data mining.

    Customisable Event Pages

    You have access to a multitude of settings to personalize your event page, aligning it perfectly with your branding guidelines, tone, and style.

    Outstanding Assistance For Customers

    Our reputation lies in exceptional customer support. Our skilled local team is readily available to assist you whenever required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Event ticketing system keeps things simple with a easy process for users to do registrations for any event by enabling online/electronic registration and payment.

    Certainly! Additionally, there are no charges for events with no ticket fees or free registrations.

    Yes, we do. Additionally, you have the option to pass the fees on to the ticket buyer so that you receive the full ticket price.

    Certainly! You can start collecting pre-registrations even without a confirmed location and time. This allows you to gauge interest and gather essential data from potential attendees ahead of finalizing the event details.

    Yes, you can! Premier Tickets allows you to host private events and even offers the option to make them password protected. Only those who know the password will be able to view the event page. You have full control over sharing your unique booking URL, whether publicly or privately, giving you the flexibility and privacy you need for your event.

    Premier Tickets accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

    Yes, we do. Additionally, you have the option to pass the fees on to the ticket buyer so that you receive the full ticket price.

    It’s easy! Simply get in touch with us, and start selling your event tickets today.

    Yes, absolutely! You can add multiple ticket types to your event.

    We will discuss all your event requirements before giving a quotation as obviously fees charged will depend on the scale and nature of the event. Rest assured, you’ll never be charged more than we agree upon and there will be no hidden costs or surprises.

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