Terms & Conditions

Premier Tickets is an online event ticket booking system. We act as a channel between the event organisers and customers for all ticketing and event management needs. Premier Tickets is NOT responsible in any way for the event schedule or any last minute changes. Please contact the event organiser for any such questions.


By using the website www.premiertickets.co and buying products (or services) on the website you agree to these terms of use. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you place any order on the website. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, DO NOT use the website.

Delivery Charges

As such there are no delivery charges as all ticket purchases are based on the e-ticket system. Where applicable, delivery charges are clearly displayed at the booking page. The e-tickets are provided once the transaction is successful and are emailed to the email address you specify at the time of purchase.


The price for each product that is shown on www.premiertickets.co is displayed in respective currency and includes 10% GST (where applicable). We strive hard to ensure that prices mentioned on www.premiertickets.co are accurate but sometimes there may be price change errors. Premier Tickets reserves the right to revise prices at any time on account of any increase in costs that may include rise or imposition of any duty, levy, tax or exchange rate changes. We take all necessary steps so that you are notified of price revisions before your order is processed.
Booking Fee or Credit Card Surcharge is applicable in case of some events and varies event to event. Any Booking Fee or Credit Card Surcharge will be clearly displayed on the event page, if applicable.

Exchange and Refund Policy

All e ticket purchases are non-refundable and as such and there are no order cancellations. In case you cannot make it to the event, you can contact the event organisers directly or we can forward your refund request to the event promoters. It is on the discretion of event organisers to provide you with a partial refund or carry it forward to a upcoming event. www.premiertickets.co is not responsible for any ticket refunds.

IMPORTANT – Terms and conditions of Ticket Sales

Any ticket issued at Premier Tickets is subject to the following terms and conditions and may be revoked by the issuer, event organiser and/or proprietor of the venue in case of breach of any of the specified conditions:

  1. There shall be No refunds or exchanges on any ticket, booking fee, delivery fee and service fee except where required by Law.
  2. The Event Organiser reserves complete rights to withdraw, add, substitute or reschedule any artist, performer or team.
  3. The Event Organisers have all rights to change the ticket prices, show timings, seating layouts, door times or venue capacity without prior notice.
  4. Note that the right to admission to the venue is reserved and subject to the terms and conditions laid by the organiser and the venue. You can get these additional terms from the venue or organiser on request.
  5. In case of late arrival to the venue you may experience a seating delay until there is a break in the event.
  6. Where there is a special pricing available, you need to provide a suitable identification at the time of collecting the ticket. This is required to prove that the conditions required for this special pricing is met.
  7. As a ticket holder you grant permission to search and inspect you, your clothing, bags and other possessions by employees, officials or any agent of the venue proprietor or event organiser both prior to and after your entry to the event venue.
  8. The Ticket Holder cannot take the following articles to the venue:
    1. Flags, banners, placards or poles for display or any kind of construction materials
    2. Any article that can cause injure or irritate other people, including chemical substances with noxious fumes or smoke, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, weapons or illegal drugs.
    3. Any pointing or lighting devices.
    4. Goods that are intended for sale (without any written permit from the venue proprietor).
    5. Any article that may hamper or delay the successful conduct of the event.
  9. Cameras, flash photography, audio and video recorders of any type may be prohibited.
  10. The Ticket Holder shall be required to leave the event venue if he or she engages in any kind of misconduct including fighting, breaking law and order applicable to the event or unreasonably hampers the conduct of the event.
  11. The person who purchased the tickets has the right to pick them up. In case a credit card purchase has been made, the buyer needs to carry the credit card as ID while picking up tickets.
  12. Breach of any of these these above terms and conditions is liable to cancel the Ticket Holder’s license to continue at the venue.