Transformational Breathwork Experience

Transformational Breathwork Experience

  • 03:45 PM Sunday, 14th July 2024
  • Yoga Om 147 Walcott Street #3 Mount Lawley, Western Australia Australia 6050 View Map
  • Event By: Farlee Walker

About Event:

Join me, Farlee, a dual qualified breathwork facilitator, on Sundays to explore the magic of group breathwork. A moment to connect to self and others, and to share a transformational breathwork experience.

The breathwork journey will take you out of your mind and into your body where your body’s innate intelligence will take over and allow you to experience a journey like no other. Never the same and always profound, you will always get the journey you need.

The primary breathwork experience involves the use of conscious connected breathing with emotive music to harness the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. Entering into an altered state of consciousness, we are able to resolve any blocks holding us back from living our best, most free and authentic lives. Physical ailments, mental blocks, unresolved trauma and limiting belief systems that do not serve us can be broken down, felt and expelled from the body leading to clarity, peace, and space to connect to your intuition.

The magic of breathwork in a group is a special kind of powerful. While your personal experience will be 100% individual, many people find that being in a safe place with others undergoing their own experience offers them anonymity, permission to express more openly, a deeper connection to self and afterwards a deep connection to community.

What to expect:

💛Doors open at 3:45pm for a 4pm start. Doors are locked at 4pm.

💛Heart opening connection

💛Somatic movement

💛Transformational breathwork journey


💛Sharing circle

What to bring:

🩵An open mind and heart

🩵Water bottle

🩵Yoga mat (we have some spares if you don’t have one)

🩵Light pillow, blanket, journal, crystals, eye mask (all optional)

How to prepare:

💚Be on time. Your experience will be better if you are calm and unrushed. Doors open at 3:45pm and are locked at 4pm.

💚Avoid coffee for at least 4 hours before the event

💚Eat light the day of the event and ideally not in the 2 hours before the event

💚Be hydrated

💚Wear light loose fitting clothing. You may feel hot or cold in the experience (regardless of the weather) so layers or a blanket are a good idea.

💚You may wish to come with an intention but it is not required

Waive and release Agreement

Please note that in purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

This style of breathwork is contraindicated for people with the following conditions:

severe asthma or other lung disorders, epilepsy, diagnosed brain or abdominal aneurysm, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease (heart problems/stroke/uncontrolled high blood pressure), uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid conditions, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency.

This list is not exhaustive and we generally advise that if you have a question about a condition you may have that is not listed here, you consult a physician before participating in these breathing sessions.

In purchasing a ticket you warrant and represent that you are in good health physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, and understand and warrant that if you are not in good health you will not be allowed to perform the activities and sessions.

Accordingly, the declaration and certification that you are in good health in all the above-mentioned respects constitutes a material agreement to allows you to participate in the breathing sessions, which is enacted upon purchasing.

Further, you accept that you know and acknowledge that the person facilitating is not a doctor or psychiatrist, or a specialist in health care, and that the activities offered are not intended to treat and diagnose specific medical conditions, whether physical, psychological or emotional

You are voluntarily participating in these activities knowing the risks and consequences and agree to assume all consequences, known or not.

You release facilitator, Farlee Walker, and any other support facilitator/s from all responsibilities, costs and damages that may arise from participating in the above-mentioned activity. You agree to accept financial responsibility for costs related to treatment.

By purchasing and attending, you acknowledge that you have read the above and agree to proceed with full responsibility, and understand that you have waived certain rights by attending and agree to this release of liability freely and voluntarily without any external influence.

Event Disclaimer:

Premier Tickets is an online event marketing and ticketing agency. Premier Tickets will NOT be responsible for any changes related to the event schedule, artist, venue or cancellation and refunds related to the tickets.
  • Event Organiser has all the rights to alter and/or modify and/or add seating arrangements based on the demand and availability of the space.
  • In case of any misbehavior/misconduct by any person at the venue, Event Organiser has all the rights to evict that person from the auditorium and no refund will be given.
  • Ticket availability and prices declared/quoted are subject to the change at the discretion of the event organiser without any notice.

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